PD-41 Sandblaster


Built with performance in mind, the PD-41 has a gravity fed reservoir, which means consistent work and superior repeatability every time you use our product. This tool has more than enough power to tackle any job around your shop or home. The possibilities are endless. 

Our control valve is fully adjustable, allowing you to precisely regulate media flow. Gravity feeds the abrasive media particles into the hardened steel mixing chamber where they are then projected through the steel nozzle.
High-quality materials ensure great protection and long lasting product life.

EASY TO USE – Simple operation & clear instructions ensure anyone can enjoy the benefits of our product.
FULLY ADJUSTABLE – Regulate your media flow with by utilizing a durable hardened steel mixing chamber and replaceable steel nozzle.
DIVERSE MEDIA OPTIONS – Versatile blasting media options allowing: Sand up to 100#, silicon carbide, baking soda, Aluminum Oxide, Glass, Crushed Walnut Shell, etc.

Useful Applications:
Renew, Refresh, Revive, Recycle, Re-Finish your possessions.
Applications include rust removal, etching (glass, flagstone & Steel), clean dirty grout and tile. Renew, Refresh, Revive, Recycle, Re-Finish your possessions.

100% Money Back Guarantee & 1 Year Limited Warranty



*High density, adjustable, mixing chamber ensures perfect spray repeatability. 
*Worry less with high our quality construction.
*Brand new U.S. domestic design with full English instructions 
*Ergonomic, lightweight & portable design
*Factory sealed product and packaging

Air Compressor Compatibility:
Minimum 2.5 HP motor. 
1.5-2.0 gallon holding capacity
60- 125 PSI operating pressure. 
Optimal pressure range is 90-125 PSI at 12CFM

Material: Premium quality plastic and metal alloy
Type: Abrasive Sand Blaster


Packing list

ONE (1) PD-41 sandblasting gun
ONE (1) male quick connect plug
ONE (1) English instruction set

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