40mm NBC Equivalent Filter- Defense against Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Agents

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Premium Heavy-duty 40mm single filter NBC equivalent cartridge. Built to supply clean air and protect your face from toxic substances. Protects from many chemical agents.

Compatible with 40mm chemical mask nozzles. 
Perfect for emergencies and exposure to chemical agents or industrial vapors.

Useful Applications:
Disaster relief, pesticide protection, chemical laboratory, fallout protection, health/epidemic prevention, environmental technology, 
mining, metallurgy, industrial production, chemical production, and toxic vapor filtration. 

Chemicals Filtered

Color-Coded Protection Chart 

Brown: Organic gasses or steam 
Grey: Inorganic gasses
Green: Ammonia and organic derivatives of ammonia
Yellow: Sulphur dioxide and acid gas
Red: Mercury vapors
White: Carbon monoxide
Blue: Hydrogen sulfide
Pink: Inorganic gasses


Color: Black
Mask Dimensions: 40mm Threaded 
System: Single Cartridge Replaceable NBC Equivalent Filter
Shelf Life: 5 Years

Packing List

ONE (1) 40mm NBC Equivalent Filter

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