Product Authentication Information & Certifications

COVID-19 Disclaimer

In our efforts to meet the increased demand of our products during the COVID-19 outbreak, we must incur additional sourcing, manufacturing, expedited freight, and labor costs. These costs are needed to continue to meeting supply needs at this time. Unfortunately, these increased costs must also be passed down to the consumer until our regularly scheduled supply is delivered. We apologize for this inconvenience and ask that if at all possible, civilian consumers purchase our PRE-SALE inventory in order to leave our current supply for the healthcare professionals who need our products the most.


Parcil Distribution Product Authentication Information


At Parcil Distribution, we understand safety and product authentication is important to our customers.  As such, we want to reiterate that Parcil Distribution is the sole manufacturer & distributor of its branded products, which include the PD-100, PD-101, T-60, T-61, PD-600, PD-500, PD-451, NBC-101, & ST-100x respirator masks, C-20 face shields, & P-A-1, P-A-3.M, 40mm NBC Equivalent, KN-100, & P-D-1 filters.  We reserve the right to price our products as needed which depends on a variety of factors including (but not limited to) manufacturing capacity, shipping & logistics costs, material supply, & demand for the product. Furthermore, only the aforementioned products are covered under our warranties, quality guarantee, & independent testing.  If you would like to see what our masks are rated for please follow the below links to our ASTM Test PDF files.

American Society for Testing and Materials International Reports