KN-100 Filter Set. THREE N100 Certified Filter Sets

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Useful Applications:

DUAL KN-100 CARTRIDGE REPLACEMENTS. Includes THREE dual filter sets. Total of 6 filters. The KN100 filter guarantees natural, easy, and clean breathing. This is the equivalent of 3M N100 filters. For the Parcil Distribution or 3M of gas masks. 

N100 filters are designed to protect the wearer from inhaling non-oil-based particulates, and according to OSHA standards, they must prevent 99.97 percent of those particulates from getting in when properly worn. They're ideal for grinding, sanding, mineral processing and other activities that do not involve oil-based hazards. People working on construction sites, in dry food processing areas and in agricultural processing stations can benefit from using N100 respirators. They block dangerous hazards like lead, cadmium, arsenic and methylenedianiline, commonly referred to as MDA. All the N100 masks in Parcil Distributions catalog are ASTM-certified.


*For use with Parcil Distribution & other type gas masks & respirators
High-density N100 filtration
Factory sealed product and packaging 
Easy twist on and off bayonette style installation and removal
Ergonomic, lightweight & portable design
Brand new U.S. domestic design

Color: As seen in pictures
Replacement for dual and single cartridge systems

Chemicals Filtered

99.97% of non-oil based particulates including:

Packing List

SIX (6) KN100 Filters (N100 Certified)

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