NBC-101 Full Face Respirator / 40mm NBC Filter

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Compatible with 40mm nuclear biological chemical (NBC) filters. 
Perfect for emergencies and exposure to chemical agents or industrial vapors.  

Useful Applications:
Disaster relief, pesticide protection, chemical laboratory, fallout protection, health/epidemic prevention, environmental technology, 
mining, metallurgy, industrial production, chemical production, and toxic vapor filtration. 

100% Money Back Guarantee & 1 Year Limited Warranty



*One Size Fits All
*High-density elastic straps ensure mask stability and an airtight seal
*Easy single filter removal and installation
*Anti-fog and impact resistant full-face lens
*Ergonomic, lightweight & portable design
*Factory sealed product and packaging 

*Material: Silicone, plastic, & activated charcoal
*Type: Activated carbon filtration
*Color: As seen in pictures
*Mask Dimensions: Headset
*Replaceable Single Cartridge System
*Durable breathing valve


Chemicals Filtered

Color-Coded Protection Chart :
Brown: Organic gasses or steam 
Grey: Inorganic gasses
Green: Ammonia and organic derivatives of ammonia
Yellow: Sulphur dioxide and acid gas
Red: Mercury vapors
White: Carbon monoxide
Blue: Hydrogen sulfide
Pink: Inorganic gasses

Packing List

One (1) NBC-101 Full Face Mask (Certified ASTM E2952-17)
One (1) N.B.C.F. Filter 

ONE (1) Set of English Instructions

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